Kenworth T600

Kenworth W900 Aerodyne

Kenworth W900 from "Smokey & the Bandit"

Earlier version of the painting, different color sky and mountin, thinner horse tail.

The yellow of the wheels was too close to the tan ground.

This is Sonny Pruitt's Kenworth W900 called "Sundance" from "Movin' on".
It was my favourite TV show in the 70's when I was a little boy.

This is Billie Joe McKay's Kenworth K100 from TV series "BJ and the Bear".

Kenworth K100 long cabin

Kenworth K123 Aerodyne

Later version with lighter pink stripes and orange interior.

I found this at home. It's a paper model I made in the 1970's or 1980's.
There where no home computers or printers back then.
(At the same time I found many other paper cars I've made.)