This is a city school.
It was my entry to a modular building contest.

On the cosy asphalt yard Mindy has already occupied the only swing.

Harvey has found a jungle gym.

Jack is late as usual.

On the first floor the drinking fountain has been boosted up.

In the little girls' room the twin sisters Heather and Feather
are giggling for the succesful practical joke.

The janitor Wally sweeps off the crumbs of crispbread after the lunchbreak.

On the second floor the math lesson is in progress.

The know-it-all Sebastian who is the top of his class knows all the answers.

In the teachers' room "Dragon lady" and "Peevish" are astonised by Donald's
latest stroke.

Donald is already on his way to meet the headmaster Stevens.

On the top of his filing cabinet there are some school equipments from slingshot
to crossbow confiscated from the pupils.

On the corridor there is a slot machine. Put a coin into the slot and the machine
will raffle a suitable snack for you: will you get a cookie, a doughnut or a
mushroom milkshake?

On the roof there is Sebastian's former backpack and Jack's cap.