James Bond's Aston Martin

Modified Lego set 10262

I bought this set. It has nice gadgets but I didn't like the
design of the car. I tried to make it look better so I made some changes
just like I changed the VW Camper set and the Mini Cooper set .

In the photos the original Lego car stands on a table cloth and my modified
version stands on light brown surfice.

I think the original Lego car is quite heavy looking like a tank or a train.
I made the front end one stud shorter, lifted both front and rear bumpers
two plates and made the side windows and B-pillar one plate higher.
I also tilted the head lights more upright. The windscreen should also stay
more upright but I let it be the way it was. The profile looks now lighter and faster.

The front bumper of the original design is clearly too low and that makes
the car look too narrow.

While I lifted the bumper two plates I also took it in stud.

Because the bumper was closer to the body, I had to redesign the cover for
the turning number plate.

And because there was now less distance between the headlights and the bumper
both horizontally and vertically, I had to remake the hidden machine guns.
This was quite challenging but the result was better than in the original set.
It also needed a new linkage to the gear stick and changes to the chassis.

Now when the rear bumper was 2 plates higher, also the exhaust pipes were as much
higher. One of the exhaust pipes is used to operate the bulletproof shield so the
linkage had to be one stud shorter. This was easy.

The ejector seat and the opening roof are operated by the centerpiece of the
rear bumper. The new position of the rear bumper meant that I had to rebuild the
whole mechanism. It was little complicated but possible.

Added air filter and expansion tank turned to black (why was it brown?)

Video here:
Aston Martin gadgets.mp4