scale 1/16

Pneumatic breaks.

Break lights.

There is a pneumatic susupension on the rear axle.
It has automatic adjustment system. When there is more load
the chassis goes downward. This opens a valve and the compressor
pumps more air under the pistons of the suspension cylinders.
The chassis rises back again. When there is less load it works the
opposite way.

However there is also a system that allows you to lift and lower the
chassis by the remote controller. This actuator turns the basis of the
valve in order to do so.

The automatic pressure controller.
Low pressure in the airtank. The motor of the compressor is on.

High prressure. The motor of the compressor stops.

The brakes on.

The brakes off.

Photo from www.kermis.nl

Videos here:
DAF XF 95.mp4