I had a schoolmate called Jyri.
We both liked "The Great Race" movie so we had a car race
of our own. We used some characters from the movie.

When Jyri was Great Leslie I was Hezekiah,
when I was professor Fate he was Max.
Professor Fate's car was very long and it had a library,
an observatory and a steam organ which was also a multipipe gun.
The fuel of the car was "wicked powder".

One of the racers (played by Jyri) was an American millionaire
who had a special kind of Rolls Royce with seats that were
covered with the skin of very rare green tiger.

To practice our English all these characters were talking in
English. We also wanted to practice our German so one of the
racers spoke German. He was a ruler of a small country called
Wilhelmsreich and he had a douple personality (both played by
Jyri, I was a servant). Sometimes he was a cruel dictator
called "Wilhelm der Echte" and sometimes he was a stupid and
lauching sissy called "Wilhelm der Andere". In his car there
were a stonewall, couple of towers, a moat and a bond for
fishing with a small submarine. Jyri also wrote a national
song for Wilhelmsreich:
"Dum, dum, dum sind alle in dies' Reiche,
schön, schön, schön ist Reich ja aber doch."
It isn't grammatical right but it fits better to the melody
this way.

So we walked around the school yard and had these hilarious
conversations in English and German in all the breaks for
couple of years and laughed a lot.