Batman Vehicles

(and supervillains' getaway cars)

Batmobile 1966



Alfred's Rolls Royce
(Actually Bruce Wayne's car with Alfred as a chauffeur)

Alfred's personal car could be some small Brittish roadster like this MG.

Batgirl's Chopper

Photo by Markku Jaaskelainen at Tammisaari, Finland 2016

Catwoman from the 1960's gets later a catvan from 1970's with a throne.

Another version of Catwoman has a Corvette with Greenwood Daytona body kit.
(I thought that this Corvette would look cool with exhaust pipes that go
straight up through hood/bonnet but Catwoman wants to move around quietly
and that wouldn't be quiet.)

Joker's lowrider is modified from Lego set 70906. I think lowrider
fits perfectly to Lego Batman movie Joker who's kind of a show off.
It's suppose to be a Ford Thunderbird 1976 and to fit better to the minifig scale.

Harley Quinn's Jeep.

Penguin's Old Cadillac Limousine.

Poison Ivy's CARnivore.

Riddler's dragster is modified from Lego set 76012. A topfuel
dragster has nothing to do with Riddler (especially the 1960's Riddler)
but I liked the idea so this is a Quartermaster dragster.

Mr. Freeze's Zamboni.

Spiderman's Octorod
I know Spiderman isn't a character from Batman but he's still a superhero
so his car fits best to this category.