What's new?

January 25, 2020

  • Rides-> Nebulaz
  • Homes-> Greyhound Home
  • Food-> Burger
  • Misc.-> Knight Rider Truck
  • Trucks-> GMC (GMC Brigadier later version, GMC HM and GMC General)
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1980's (K.A.R.R., D.vette (Corvette Greenwood Daytona), Foxbody Mustang and Delorean from "Back to the Future (new version))
  • Videos-> Nebulaz.mpeg
  • Visitors' Creations-> Erik Verhagen

    November 25, 2019

  • Rides-> Polpo
  • Homes-> Pössl Roady
  • Food-> London Spuds
  • Misc.-> Firetruck
  • Trucks-> GMC (Moose's and Benji's Cracker box called "Pig Pen" from TV-series "Movin' on" )
  • Cars-> Cars from France (2CV from Finnish movie "In Adam's Dress and a Bit in Eve's Too", Citroen SM and My workmate's Matra Bagheera)
  • Cars-> Cars from Sweden (Volvo 245, Volvo 740 and Volvo XC70)
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1990's (1991 Pontiac Trans Sport)
  • Other Creations-> Service Station
  • Videos-> Polpo.mpeg

    September 25, 2019

  • Rides-> Spinner
  • Homes-> VW Kleinbus Dormobile
  • Misc.-> Hook Truck
  • Trucks-> Mercedes Benz (Actros 2013)
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1940's (Cadillac 1928, A-Ford Hotrod 1930(lime & green), Ford Pickup 1932, Mini Rod, 1934 Ford Woody Wagon, "Blue Beauty", my grandfather's car, ZZ Top Eliminator and Doc Brown's 1949 Packard Custom 8 Victoria from "Back to the Future"-movies)
  • Cars-> Cars from Great Britain (Morris Marina, Austin Allegro and Ford Zephyr 6 1965)
  • Other Creations-> Modified Ford Mustang set
  • Videos-> Spinner.mpeg
  • Videos-> Hook Truck.mpeg
  • Links-> Eddyleisure.com

    July 25, 2019

  • Rides-> Dragon Coaster
  • Homes-> Patrik's Home
  • Food-> Pizzeria3
  • Misc.-> Partymaster
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1960's (Fred Flintstone's car, Chevrolet Wagon 1961, Chevrolet Impala 1964 from several Jönssonligan movies (The Jonsson Gang), Ford Galaxie hardtop 1964 from Norwegian movie "Burning 2", Mercury Cougar 1967, Buick Riviera 1969, General Lee (Dodge Charger 1969, new version), Chevrolet Camaro 1969, Chevrolet Chevelle SS 1969, Chevrolet Nova 1969, Dodge Polara 1969 and Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser 1969 from "That '70s Show")
  • Cars-> Custom Vans (Ford Econoline 1961 lowrider)
  • Other Creations-> Motel
  • Videos-> Dragon Coaster.mpeg
  • Videos-> Partymaster.mpeg

    May 25, 2019

  • Rides-> Robot Arm Ride
  • Homes-> Tuomo's New Home
  • Games-> Mad Mill
  • Misc.-> Ambulance 2
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1950's (Buick Special Jetback coupe 1950, Buick Roadmaster Riviera 1956, Chevrolet Bel Air 1956, Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria 1956, Chevrolet Panel Truck 1957, Chevrolet Impala 1958 from "American Graffiti" and Edsel 1958 from "American Graffiti")
  • Other Creations-> Hotels (The last one)
  • Videos-> Robot Arm Ride.mpeg
  • Videos-> Mad Mill.mpeg

    March 25, 2019

  • Rides-> Surfride
  • Homes-> Misc. Mobile Homes (new photos of the circus caravan with red roof)
  • Misc.-> Bucket van
  • Cars-> Cars from Germany (Ford Fusion, Mercedes Benz 290 SL and Opel Kadett B Coupé from Finnish TV-series "Etsivatoimisto Z Salamapartio")
  • Cars-> Cars from Japan (Bosozoku cars, Datsun 100A (aka Cherry, new version), Yamaha Chopper, Honda Prelude 1983, Honda CRX and Mitsubishi 3000 GT)
  • Videos-> Surfride.mpeg
  • News

    January 25, 2019

  • Rides-> Turbo
  • Homes-> Fleetwood Southwind Storm from Beethoven's 3rd
  • Misc.-> Police Cars (Police car from Australia, from USA Dodge Polara and Prison bus Ford Econoline)
  • Misc.-> Sidelifter
  • Trucks-> Mack (Mack Anthem)
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1970's (Chevrolet Kingswood Estate 1971 Station Wagon, Chevrolet Impala 1971 from Dutch TV series "Flodder", Chevrolet Vega Kammback 1971, Dodge Polara 1972 Police Car (Chicago police dept.), Chevrolet Vega 1974, AMC Pacer 1975, Jeep Wagoneer 1976, Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon 1977, AMC Am Van 1977, Jim Rockford's Pontiac Firebird 1978 from "the Rockford Files"(new version), Ford Bronco Free Wheelin' 1979 and GMC Suburban Sierra Classic (new version))
  • Videos-> Turbo.mpeg
  • Videos-> Sidelifter.mpeg

    November 25, 2018

  • Rides-> Skymaster (new version (motor added))
  • Homes-> Antti's Home
  • Misc.-> Helichopper Bell 47G-3B1
  • Trucks-> Kenworth (new version of "Sundance" from "Movin' on")
  • Cars-> Cars from Great Britain (Aston Martin DB5 from "James Bond", Ford Capri, Ford Granada 1972 and Rolls Royce Silver Cloud)
  • Cars-> Cars from Sweden (Volvo P1800 from TV-series "the Saint" , Volvo V70 2010 and Pruttomobil from Swedish TV-series "Dr. Mugg")
  • Cars-> Batman Vehicles
  • Other Creations-> Modified Aston Martin set
  • Videos-> Skymaster.mpeg
  • Videos-> Aston Martin Eject.mpeg
  • Videos-> Aston Martin Gadgets.mpeg

    September 25, 2018

  • Rides-> Magnetic Storm
  • Homes-> Host Expedition Camper
  • Homes-> Markku's Home (new photos)
  • Misc.-> Police Cars (Police car from France)
  • Cars-> Cars from Italy (Fiat 126)
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1980's (Cadillac Seville 1980, A-team Corvette 1984 and Pontiac Firebird Sport Pickup 1989)
  • Videos-> Magnetic Storm.mpeg

    July 25, 2018

  • Rides-> Shark
  • Homes-> Ville's Home
  • Homes-> Lulu's Home (new photos)
  • Cars-> Cars from Germany (Mercedes Benz 450 SL 1978 "American model", Opel Zafira A and Beth's Porsche 914 from "Rockford Files")
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1940's (Ford Hot Rod (new version), Biff's Ford Super De Luxe 1946 from "Back to the Future 1 & 2" and 1949 Chevrolet 3100 Stepside (new version))
  • Videos-> Shark.mpeg
  • Visitors' Creations-> Newreko
  • Visitors' Creations-> Nick Weijenborg

    May 25, 2018

  • Rides-> Roll-O-Plane
  • Homes-> Coachmen Starflyte
  • Homes-> Jose's Home (new photos)
  • Food-> Arnold's (new version)
  • Cars-> Cars from Great Britain (Bond Bug (4 wheel version), Lotus Europa, Hillman Imp and Ford Transit (new version)
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1960's (Chevrolet Corvette 1962, Chevy Nova 1962, Checker cab (new version), Dodge Power Wagon 1966 and Ford Bronco 1968)
  • Trucks-> GMC (GMC F-model "Cracker box" and GMC Astro)
  • Videos-> Roll-O-Plane.mpeg

    March 25, 2018

  • Rides-> Bag Jump
  • Homes-> Veli-Matti's Home
  • Homes-> Tony's Home (new version)
  • Games-> String Pull (new photos)
  • Food-> Juice Bar
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1950's (Cadillac Eldorado 1956 (new version), Ford Thunderbird 1956 (new version), Pontiac 1956 (new version), Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 (new version), Desoto 1957 from "Ernie" comics, Chevrolet 3100 stepside 1957, Ford Thunderbird 1958 (new version), Chevrolet Impala 1959 Kennel Club, Chevrolet Impala 1959 , Chevrolet 1959 (new version) and Chevrolet Impala 1959 Hot Rod)
  • Trucks-> Mack (Mack R685)
  • Other Creations-> Time Train from "Back to the Future III"
  • Visitors' Creations-> Dennis van Ooijen (new photos)
  • Visitors' Creations-> Lego kirmes poitou charentes
  • News

    January 25, 2018

  • Rides-> City Skyliner
  • Homes-> Tom's Home (new version)
  • Homes-> Bus with Fireplace (new photos)
  • Misc.-> Dumptruck
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1970's (Plymouth Valiant 1972, Ford Maverick 1972, Pontiac Trans Am 1977 and Pontiac Lemans 1977 police car from the movie "Smokey and the Bandit", Chevrolet Camaro 1978 (new version), Jeep Renegade, Jim Rockford's Pontiac Firebird 1978 from "the Rockford Files", Wagon Queen Family Truckster from the movie "National Lampoon's Family Vacation", 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire from TV series "Charlie's Angels" (Bosley's car on fourth season) and 1974 El Camino (updated version of 1978 because of an old drawing I found))
  • Videos-> City Skyliner.mpeg

    November 25, 2017

  • Rides-> Crazy House
  • Homes-> Onrust!'s Bus
  • Cars-> Cars from Germany (Audi Quattro 1984 and Audi TT 2000)
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 1940's (Chevrolet Fleetline 1948)
  • Cars-> Cars from USA 2000's (Dodge Nitro 2011, Dodge Dakota and Riva Prodezza)
  • Other Creations-> Service Station House
  • Videos-> Crazy House.mpeg